About Me

I’m Claes C.  Jakobsen and I launched CC Athletics in 2019 to develop sports technology. The first product is an app for tracking shooting percentages during basketball practice in a practical and low-cost fashion.


As a teenager, I remember being in love with basketball and practicing much by myself to get better. My coach told me that you had to take at least 500 shots a day to become an elite shooter, so I diligently tried following that advice. My dad was even kind enough to  help me put a hoop up in our garden. I remember spending summers shooting so many shots that my elbow hurt, counting each shot and writing the results down in a spreadsheet, hoping to someday hit my goals.

Thinking back, it would have been much easier with a device to track my performance automatically. Such a device would have to be practical to use,  so it doesn’t interfere with the practice, and low-cost as well. Here, a decade later,  I think I found a solid solution to that problem.


There is more to basketball performance than just shooting practice, and I plan to develop more products in the future, to cover even more aspects of performance improvement, so stay tuned!

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