Basketball smartwatch app

Forget about setting up cameras or sensors. Use our basketball smartwatch app to track your stats!

Innovative smartwatch app for basketball

Shotistics is an innovative app for your smartwatch. It counts your basketball shooting percentage without the need for any external sensors in the gym!

You simply shoot, turn your wrist and the watch will vibrate to let you know if it recorded the shot correctly.  


Smartwatch basketball app running on Apple Watch

Track shots automatically on your smartwatch!


View your stats in real-time on your smartphone and see progress over time.

Track shots manually on the phone app, If you don’t own a smartwatch.

Track shots while dribbling

Shotistics can also track shots even while moving, like during dribbling. All the shots in this video were tracked correctly as makes/misses:

The most practical shot tracking solution

Smartwatch basketball app running on Apple Watch

Other solutions require you to set up sensors or a camera on the court, which will take time to set up and is annoying if other people are using the court.

Shotistics may not track the most stats of them all (yet), but it is the most practical. Just put on the watch and start shooting!

Free to download

The app is free to download on all platforms. 

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